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Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO join forces with the new joint credo 'The art of data-driven decisions'. Both companies with years of experience in cybersecurity and Intelligence solutions combine their knowledge and expertise and will continue under the name Davinsi Labs.

In this way, we can further scale, innovate and grow to one of the leading players in the field of Digital Service Intelligence in the Benelux.

At Davinsi Labs, our team is everything. We believe in their talent, commitment, and the value they add to our company and customers. We are proud to say that we are now a team of more than a hundred specialized professionals across Belgium and the Netherlands.

Thanks to their dedication and passion, we can deliver our clients the highest level of expertise, go the extra mile, and be the ideal partner for organizations striving for Digital Service Excellence.

The art of data-driven decisions

The art of data-driven decisions is our credo. By integrating diverse data elements, we empower organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions.
In an era where digital services are becoming increasingly important, companies must build a strong digital presence.

We help companies secure and optimize data and make informed decisions based on business data-driven, accurate, relevant, and real-time facts and figures. A wealth of information, this data enables customers to identify risks and threats, investigate incidents, and secure corporate data. At the same time, they can prioritize and efficiently allocate available resources and guarantee a first-rate user experience.

By embracing the art of data-driven decisions, organizations can harness the power of data and gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven world.


Digital Service Intelligence

The digital world is constantly changing. We help customers to secure and optimize their data and digital services in these challenging times.

Based on these three essential pillars:

Security Intelligence: We ensure that data is processed securely and reliably.

Operational Intelligence: We ensure that digital services, technology, and applications work optimally.

Digital Business Intelligence: We provide companies with valuable business insights derived from data generated by these services.

Davinsi Labs operates under Proximus NXT.

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