Vulnerability Management Services

Will you be the first to discover and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment?

No such thing as perfect

Software flaws and misconfigurations have always been an important challenge for security teams, and they are more than ever today. With the fast adoption of agile development methodologies for continuous deployment, new vulnerabilities can be introduced even multiple times a day with the click of a button. Also, the dynamic architectures based on cloud, containerization, micro-services, and software-defined anything increase the risk of introducing vulnerabilities into your infrastructure. Now that the race is on and -as there is no such thing as perfect, there will always be vulnerabilities. The question is, will you detect and fix them first, or will hackers do it for you?

Beyond the scan

For a Vulnerability Management Program to work, it takes much more than just a scanner to find the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications. It should help prioritize what is critical for your business in a time and resource-efficient way. Only by adding business context to discovered vulnerabilities, one can understand what needs attention first, how to best remediate it, and which team will be responsible. Implementing well-defined vulnerability management processes from discovery to resolution is essential.

Vulnerability Management Services, from discovery to solution

Our Vulnerability Management Services provide an end-to-end, proactive vulnerability management program as a service. With our modular approach, customers can choose from infrastructure vulnerability, configuration vulnerability, and/or application vulnerability assessments to exactly match their vulnerability detection scope and strategy. Add to that the optional Vulnerability Risk Management module with in-depth impact analysis, business contextualization and remediation recommendations for an effective and (cost) efficient vulnerability management program and you get the key ingredients to make risk reduction a success.

We use our experience to help you manage, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities using proven workflows and processes.

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Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know which vulnerabilities are most important to spend your precious resources on?
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Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Identify, quantify, and prioritize security vulnerabilities for dynamic (web) applications and digital services.
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Security Configuration Management

Collect and evaluate security configuration data to manage compliance with hardening guidelines and best practices.
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Vulnerability Risk Management

With thousands of newly discovered vulnerabilities each year, one can easily estimate the size of this challenge when managing a business-critical digital service. Vulnerability Risk Management provides in-depth information on the actual security status of your digital service, reveals where the weakest links are and how to fix them. Visibility into the vulnerabilities of your IT environment is essential to protect the crown jewels of your organization.
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